Increasing Engagement at Revolve Conference

This year, at the 4th annual Revolve Conference, conference attendees had way too much fun taking photos and sharing their experiences instantly, helping increase engagement both during and after the conference, as well as increasing the brand awareness of the event.

Brand Activations

Incorporating interactive experiences in brand activations is a surefire way to engage with your target audience, strengthen brand awareness, and build a successful marketing campaign.

Interactive photo booths are a fantastic option if you want to foster meaningful and engaging interactions with your audience. By creating an opportunity for unique, branded photo experiences, you craft memories that linger in attendees’ minds, making your brand the talk of the town long after the activation ends.

Social Sharing

Instant, shareable, and downright entertaining – these experiences turn attendees into active participants, not mere spectators.

Shared via Twitter

Photos and videos are highly shareable content, and when attendees capture their brand activation experiences and share them on their social channels, your brand’s reach can extend far beyond the event itself.

About Lucent Photo Booth

Lucent Photo Booth sets the standard for the modern photo booth experience. We create immersive and memorable experiences for virtual and in-person events with luxury photo booths at weddings, parties, festivals and so much more, in and around the Charleston, SC area.

Our units are discrete, portable and can be set up almost anywhere to offer high quality photos and lots of fun.

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