Who Knew? Software Developers Love Photo Booths too!

The Syntax Code & Craft Convention, took place from June 6-8 in Charleston, SC at the North Charleston Marriott. The tech-focused conference covered areas like Mobile development, front-end development, back-end development, platforms (game development, content management systems, cloud-hosted services and infrastructure).

To help mark the event, Lucent Photo Booth added an interactive photo booth to help engage the audience whenever they took a break from the code talks and sessions.

Social Sharing

Photos and videos are highly shareable content, and when attendees shared their photos on their social channels, SyntaxCon’s brand’s reach benefitted.

About Lucent Photo Booth

Lucent Photo Booth sets the standard for the modern photo booth experience. We create immersive and memorable experiences for virtual and in-person events with luxury photo booths at weddings, parties, festivals and so much more, in and around the Charleston, SC area.

Our units are discrete, portable and can be set up almost anywhere to offer high quality photos and lots of fun.

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