Virtual Photo Booths

What’s a Virtual Photo Booth?

A browser-based virtual photo booth for remote teams, virtual events, online celebrations, hybrid events, brand activations, and more.

Virtual Booths bring all the fun of a photo booth directly to your phone. It works in any browser and on any device whether it’s a phone, tablet or computer. Your guests don’t have to download any software to run it.

How Virtual Booths Work

  • We send you your unique Virtual Booth URL
  • You send that URL to your guests
  • When guests click on the link, they will be guided through the process via various custom branded screens
  • Once they have taken their capture, they will be prompted to select your custom overlay
  • Next, they get the capture by sending themselves a custom branded email
  • Within the email, your guests can view all the captures, share their images directly to social media, or download it to their device.

A virtual booth allows you to:

  • Brand your photo, video, GIF or boomerang with your custom graphics,
  • Create custom emails with important links,
  • Have a live gallery filled with memories from your guests.

Curious About Virtual Booths?

Interested learning more about how a virtual booth could work for your event? Reach out to us to discuss or set up a demo. 

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