Brand Activations

Incorporating interactive experiences in brand activations is a surefire way to engage with your target audience, strengthen brand awareness, and build a successful marketing campaign.

Interactive photo booths are a fantastic option if you want to foster meaningful and engaging interactions with your audience.

By creating an opportunity for unique, branded photo experiences, you craft memories that linger in attendees’ minds, making your brand the talk of the town long after the activation ends.

  • Instant online photo gallery – archive all of the photos from the photo booth in one place
  • Photo gallery projection – project your gallery on walls or across tv screens during the event to ensure attendees see and engage.
  • Immediate photo delivery – guests receive their images via AirDrop, text, QR code or email
  • Social media sharing – encourage guests to share their photos and tag your account.

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Each photo booth experience can be fully customized to showcase a theme, your logo, graphics, and marketing message. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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